E-mail Details

FeatureMaximum Limit
Email mailboxesAll packages receive one mail box
Size of mailbox250 megabytes
Maximum Message Size20 megabytes
Dormant Mailbox Quota 180 days of email account inactivity. Reduced to 1 megabyte
Dormant Mailbox DeletedNever
Trash Folder Contents DeletedOnly deleted if customer uses webmail interface. Customer can specify retention time, default is 30 days.
Unread Message Retention in InboxUnlimited
Unread Message Retention in Spam Quarantine
35 days
Email Account Message Sending LimitsTo combat spam, INS places various limits on email, including limiting the maximum number of recipients per message and maximum number of messages per server connection.
Spam FilteringINS uses Red Condor spam filtering from Edgewave, Inc. Inbound – Incoming email must pass through successive layers of SMTP session level defenses before reaching the recipients inbox. Each level looks for and removes specific threats such as content analysis, virus detection, sender profiling.

Outbound – Outbound traffic is inspected to identify computers that have been infected and converted to a "zombie" or botnet client. Zero-Minute-Defense – Employs real-time knowledge gathered from a worldwide sensor network and uses it to create new detection and protection rules, which are then sent as updates on a continuous basis.
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